Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Round Two: The Third Day

The Third Day: Season 1, Episode 2 “Saturday – The Son” (B)

There is an unquestionably nightmarish feel to this show, as Sam’s efforts to resist the allure of this mysterious island proved to be unsuccessful, even when he literally had the opportunity to get away. Waking up in the morning in bed with Jess was a shock to both of them, and she seemed particularly angry about it because she was concerned that she would get pregnant, which in turn would further trap her in a bad marriage. I’ve found Katherine Waterston to be entrancing since I first saw her in “Inherent Vice,” and she takes this role to a whole new level, exhibiting tremendous energy that’s usually channeled into either opinionated anger or scientific curiosity. Jude Law, who also stars in a film that just opened this past weekend, “The Nest,” is great at capturing the feeling of being the only person in the room not to acknowledge that crazy things are happening all around, something that took place throughout almost this entire hour, especially when he was nearly killed in the woods. Paddy Considine and Emily Watson continue to deliver superbly unreadable performances, exuding such warmth as hosts but also obviously harboring secrets about what they do and what they know. It’s strange to think that there’s just one more episode left which will feature Law’s Sam, although maybe, like the “Red Riding” film trilogy in which Considine appears, we’ll see the same supporting cast and understand how they interact differently with Naomie Harris’ new protagonist. I’m not convinced clarity will come, but I’m still somewhat intrigued.

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