Monday, September 7, 2020

What I’m Watching: Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country: Season 1, Episode 4 “A History of Violence” (B)

I’m really not sure how to describe this show, and each episode makes it harder to categorize. Parts of it felt like Indiana Jones combating supernatural forces with programmed safeguards against those looking to be seen as deities, but there’s a whole lot more to do with racism and birthrights mixed in there too. There wasn’t an opening title card like the one that described the house where three people went missing, and instead we picked up as all of the storylines started to unify the general plot of the show. Christina showed up at Leti’s door and seemed startled that she couldn’t just walk in, and Leti is on to her, determined not to be a pawn in the massive game she’s trying to play. And while Christina is encountering some resistance to her presence – and her prominence as a woman – she’s trying new angles, mainly in the form of having William seduce a dejected Ruby at a bar so that she’ll have another pathway into that family. On the subject of pathways, I know museums can feel like mazes sometimes, but I never have to think about whether I’m wearing clothing to swim, jump, and run for my life in when I go exploring, though I suppose I’m not trying to find ancient mythological secrets hidden in dark and terrifying places. Atticus’ ability to understand a different language almost without realizing it was intriguing, but not nearly as much as the fact that Montrose immediately went to kill their newly freed siren friend as soon as his son wasn’t looking. There a lot of nefarious elements here, all with separate aims to keep something secret from those closest to them.

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