Sunday, September 13, 2020

Take Three: Pure

Pure: Season 1, Episode 3 (B+)

This show continues to be an immensely watchable and constantly surprising delight. Marnie really isn’t a sex addict but instead someone with thoughts that provoke and torment her rather than prompt her into action. Benji the barista was flirting off the charts with her, trying to convince her that she would like his coffee when that wasn’t actually was she was into, and it didn’t take long for them to get together. What she requested of him while they were having sex wasn’t particularly out there, but he did latch on to one throwaway comment she made that immediately indicated how he was taking what they had together far too seriously. He looked completely different as a beardless man, and wanting to spend the next night together wasn’t nearly as problematic as the way he acted towards her while she was at work. I know I was rooting for Marnie to succeed in her internship, especially after she came in early to set up after her one-night stand only to find out that she wasn’t needed at that hour after all. That went very quickly downhill, however, after she was confronted about her drinking and exploded with confessions about her sexual thoughts and interactions. It’s always possible that Amber will be open to having her back since she does have a soft spot for her, but that’s unlikely. Maybe Marnie can finally value her extraordinarily generous roommate and take a moment to appreciate the friendship she can offer. I like that we’re getting a focus on Charlie’s personal life independent of Marnie too and seeing that she’s not the only one whose particular problem can’t just be cured by finding the right partner.

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