Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Emmy Nominees: Best Drama Series

My predictions: 6/8

This wasn’t nearly as crazy as it could have been, but I do want to note that the two shows that I predicted that weren’t nominated - “This Is Us” and “Bridgerton” - were the only two series eligible from last year. The former is quite a surprise given that it got shut out almost entirely for a final season that was actually quite good and seemingly very well-received by fans. Both Better Call Saul (7 nominations) and Ozark (13) are both back in contention and performed about the same as in years past, while Stranger Things (13) earned more nominations than in its past two eligible seasons, even if none of them were in directing, writing, or acting. Newcomers Severance (14), Squid Game (14), and Yellowjackets (7) all did pretty well, while Euphoria (16) was the only non-freshman to join the lineup for the first time, up a whole ten nominations from its season one haul. And then there’s Succession (25), which did better than its first two seasons combined, also managing to snatch up 14 out of 40 acting spots. This list is good but why couldn’t “Loki” have been here too?

What should win? I need to finish “Squid Game.” Otherwise, I think I’d choose “Severance, though “Ozark,“ “Euphoria,” and “Better Call Saul” would rate high on my list too.
What will win? With its nominations haul, I think Succession has already won this.

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