Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What I’m Watching: Westworld

Westworld: Season 4, Episode 4 “Generation Loss” (B)

Well, this was quite depressing. I think this counts as a rug-pulling development, one that shows us just how little we actually know of what’s going on, though it did also feel somewhat dense and repetitive. I suppose, however, that that’s the point exactly, since Caleb was so in the moment doing what he was trying to do, only to discover that this was the 278th version of him and that it’s been twenty-three years since he died there. It was cool to find out that the woman who was with Bernard is actually the adult Frankie, expecting to find her father’s body in the place that they instead found Maeve. This episode featured a strong performance from Tessa Thompson, who got to seem all too unconcerned with her fate and then start taunting Caleb as he kept passing out, very aware that she had the upper hand since the war had been lost long ago. The locating of Maeve’s body sets up an exciting battle where she and Bernard will face off against the hosts who have completely taken over, and I’m curious to see where that leaves other players like Christina and Teddy, who seems to know a lot about how he and the woman who shares a face with Dolores share a long and complicated history. I’m still not sure whether to trust Maya or not, and whether what she’s recounting as a dream that felt all too real is her starting to remember, the human revolution that might accompany the host-led one.

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