Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Emmy Nominees: Best Limited or Anthology Series

My predictions: 2/5

After achieving a perfect score in this race the past two years, I now did very poorly, but it was quite a surprising lineup. Though I did technically predict The Dropout, which scored 6 nominations, I won’t count it since I had it in sixth place, which is beyond what this category ended up having. Dopesick and The White Lotus were clearly the favorites, scoring 14 and 20 nominations, respectively, and hogging 14 of the 26 total acting nomination spots. Pam and Tommy performed well, netting 10 nominations thanks to its technical elements, but the next most popular limited series was actually “Station Eleven,” which got seven nominations but missed here, as did “MAID,” which only got three. The last slot went to Inventing Anna, which I thoroughly enjoyed but thought others didn’t, with what I thought might have been a frontrunner, “The Staircase” scoring just two nominations, and “Under the Banner of Heaven” netting one. While “Gaslit” picked up four technical bids, “The Offer” didn’t get any. This is interesting if nothing else.

What should win? I have to finish watching “Dopesick,” but otherwise I’d pick “The White Lotus.”
What will win? Based on its nominations haul, I think The White Lotus may just eclipse “Dopesick.”

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