Wednesday, July 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: We Hunt Together (Season Premiere)

We Hunt Together: Season 2, Episode 1 (B+)

I was so pleased to hear this show was coming back since I had completely forgotten about it in the nearly two years since its season one finale, and I had assumed it wasn’t going to be renewed for a second season. But fortunately, it’s back, and it’s just as interesting as ever, with Freddy now in the public eye as a questionable killer and a copycat trying to endear himself to her by taking out the trash, starting with the disloyal dad who wasn’t into being choked by her when they slept together. She’s made new friends and become a member of the community, but she’s also the subject of online polls and plenty of media sensationalism. I enjoyed that Lola has to be told to be nice to her since Jackson was already planning on going about things that way, and it’s fascinating to hear her be completely honest about what she’s done and hold nothing back from the two detective inspectors who now know her quite well. Jackson wanting to bring one of the perfect pancakes he had made for his family with him when Lola showed up on a Sunday was very much in keeping with his buoyant personality, and Lola scratching her neck suggests she’s doing something in her spare time that she may eventually talk about, but not just yet. I was happy to see Colin Morgan from “Humans” and “Belfast” as Freddy’s biographer, and I’m eager to see how much she shares of her newfound interactions with this devoted fan slash murderous stalker.

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