Wednesday, July 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Westworld

Westworld: Season 4, Episode 2 “Well Enough Alone” (B+)

There were a lot of new faces in this episode, and while we saw most of them suffer brutal deaths, it’s likely they’ll be back again very soon since they were nearly all replaced. There was something comforting about seeing Jack Coleman, best known as HRG on “Heroes,” since, though this show is much better than that one ever was, I feel like there has to be some shared fandom. José Zúñiga was the vice president, and his apparent demise on the golf course shows that there are no limits that the new William and Charlotte are prepared to respect, especially since they are set on bringing Westworld to a domestic location that means it can no longer be ignored or dismissed as somewhere else’s problem. Josh Randall’s Navarro wasn’t so willing to give up, but he got a stern lecture from Charlotte before a fly came at him to presumably render the same fate suffered by Hugo in the premiere. We also saw the real William being kept alive and tortured, given a taste of the experience of the constantly reprogrammed hosts, who are showing up everywhere, particularly Clementine and Sophia. Maeve and Caleb were able to get close to see a preview of the Golden Age being recreated, a pretty picture that’s sure to reveal a much darker exterior underneath. As Christina gets closer to finding out what’s really happening, I’m more and more convinced that Maya is a host since the terrifying calm she exhibits suggests a greater knowledge of the workings of the universe.

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