Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What I’m Watching: We Hunt Together

We Hunt Together: Season 2, Episode 5 (B+)

I think that seeing Freddy eat the finger is one of the grosser things that’s been shown on television in a while, though she did seem to be feeling much better when she was able to throw it up at the police station. Trying to tell Henry the truth about what she did to the real Freddy was predictably felled by his having headphones in, and though he did have to remind her when she accused him of being the birdman that he was only kidding, he met his demise at her hands anyway. Running out with a knife was not a choice that would have protected his safety, and it’s hard to know how the Birdman, now seemingly revealed as Robert, will react to that and if he’ll perceive it as the last threat to his dominance of Freddy dismissed. Lester’s murder-suicide note felt all too convenient, and both Lola and a suspended Jackson saw through that right away. Jackson didn’t make light of the situation at all, asking Susan why he would have said he was a police officer when he was arrested and then comforting his son, who was upset at his mother for leaving. Lola didn’t take no for an answer and was eager to give Jackson assignments he didn’t want, though he couldn’t resist doing a bit of digging since things definitely did not feel right. Liam’s attempt to defend himself as having helped didn’t land well with Lola, and telling her she knew nothing of addiction was particularly out-of-touch considering what she’s actually endured.

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