Saturday, July 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: We Hunt Together

We Hunt Together: Season 2, Episode 4 (B+)

It’s a good thing that Dom isn’t dead, which I thought was the case, but that also means that she felt she needed to do right by Jackson and tell him what she had found out shortly before she nearly died. For a show that often makes light of Jackson as a sweet, funny guy who, for instance, insisted earlier in the episode that Lola say goodbye at the end of conversations before hanging up, it was jarring to see the look on his face change as he was staring at his wife while on the phone. Calling Lola to tell her that the baby wasn’t his and then showing up at Thomas’ house late at night to make a scene felt very out of character for him, suggesting that his judgment is extremely compromised and he’ll be very vulnerable at a problematic and dangerous time. Lola was also taking risks, tailing Liam and then sneaking into his van, only to discover that his secrets aren’t actually relevant to the case. Liam doing a side job to get dirt on Freddy so that he can make much-needed money is definitely an issue, but he doesn’t pose a threat to them. Freddy sending Jackson flowers was an interesting development, and she also managed to defy a conjured-up Baba who tried to get her not to kill Sheila. She’s being reckless in how she’s dealing with Henry, and I still think she’s likely to end up being the target of the man who to this point has ostensibly been killing for her.

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