Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Emmy Nominees: Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie

My predictions: 4/6

I’m not sure what it is about TV movies that makes them not seriously considered in this category, since Ben Foster seemed like a shoo-in for “The Survivor.” But he gave way to unexpected (at least by me) enthusiasm for two shows, one of which I have seen and the other which I haven’t past episode one. Sebastian Stan (Pam and Tommy) was pretty terrific, and I’ve heard only great things about Himesh Patel (Station Eleven), whose series scored both writing and directing nominations even though it missed the top category. I thought Colin Firth (The Staircase) showing up here was a sign of his show’s strength, but apparently not, and the same goes for Andrew Garfield (Under the Banner of Heaven). Michael Keaton (Dopesick), on the other hand, did star in the inarguably most popular series nominated in this category based on overall performance.

Who should win? I have to finish a few of these shows but it’s tough among those I have fully seen. I’d probably say Firth.
Who will win? I would have said Firth but based on how different shows did, I’ll back Keaton.

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