Thursday, July 14, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ms. Marvel (Penultimate Episode)

Ms. Marvel: Season 1, Episode 5 “Time and Again” (B+)

This episode offered a cool window into the past, with Kamala wowed by her transportation into a crucial moment in her family’s history. The idea that she was a part of her own destiny and that she was the one who helped save her grandmother is definitely interesting, and it was absolutely a chaotic time during which there was the possibility of all of them not surviving. Aisha’s relationship with Najma was similar to Kamran’s, but as we’ve seen, there’s no escaping that fate. Going from seeing her decades earlier to in the moment again showed how much she’s done to get to where she wants to be, and all that resulted was her turning to stone. Yet she still did manage to involve one last offspring in all its magic before she was killed, and now Kamran apparently has abilities and is being hunted. Going straight to Bruno, whose name he legitimately did not know he had been saying wrong since he had met him, gives a bit more drama to resolve in the series finale, as Kamala is now in the best position possible with her family after everything that happened. I like the curiosity in Muneeba’s voice when she saw that Kamala had these powers, and how Sana told her that she had always said they were magic, and now she could finally see. Given that these characters are already set to star in an upcoming film, I wonder how much resolution we’ll actually see in the final episode of this series.

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