Tuesday, July 19, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Old Man

The Old Man: Season 1, Episode 6 “VI” (B+)

There was lots of talk about names from both duos in this episode, stressing the importance of remembering who you are while considering that maybe the name a person goes by isn’t all that relevant or defining. The concept of pinning everything on Angela made some degree of sense since she’s always been ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of protecting her father. Her calling to get Harold taken home so she could take the fall showed that she was more than ready to do it and was taking proactive steps to ensure it happened that way, though now she appears to have been taken by a different old man than I thought this show’s title was referring to when it first started. I like that Harold and Dan are now teaming up to go get Emily back, and how much Faraz figures into that equation remains uncertain. It was interesting to see Dan opt to save his traitorous former ally rather than punish him for his attempted betrayal, and he also has plenty to think about when it comes to the woman he loved most in this world, who may have been using both him and Faraz as assets without their knowledge. Zoe reacted calmly to being recognized abroad while she was supposed to be someone else, and Dan got there right in time to spirit her out of that situation. Knowing that a second season is already on the way means that there can only be so much resolution in the finale, and that we’ll likely see these characters again in some capacity in the future - and maybe also the past.

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