Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 5, Episode 5 “Better Call Saul” (C+)

This hour can have as clever a title as it wants, but that doesn’t make it a great episode. This show is now suffering from a condition best described as “mole mode,” where suddenly everything a character does seems tailored to confirming his or her status as a traitor despite never having done anything mildly suspicious before the revelation of their duplicity. I never found Alison to be a particularly compelling character, and now it’s clear that she’s a lonely spy who is working specifically to discredit Saul and make sure that it seems like he and Etai were working together to sabotage the plan to bring about a Syrian regime change. I can only hope that Dar is actually on to her and that he and Saul are playing her to get to the root of her treachery, but I don’t think that everyone is so well aware. For someone who is supposed to be playing dead, Carrie is doing a pretty terrible job, making contact with multiple people in an effort to figure out what she wasn’t supposed to see and why she was put on a hit list. Trusting Astrid and Laura probably won’t get her in too much trouble, fortunately, and it’s good to have allies in a few places. Numan leaking footage to get the Russian embassy under siege is an interesting tactic that will have questionable effects and is sure to only bring more attention on him. Quinn wandering the streets trying to kill himself isn’t helping anyone, and he’s likely headed for a hospital or somewhere worse very soon.

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