Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Catch

The Catch: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Package” (B+)

The little summary of the events that happened to set Margot up as Alice’s therapist was helpful since I was concerned that she was so omniscient that she had always been Val’s therapist, and it turns out that’s not the case at all. It does seem highly risky since Val could easily spoil the whole thing by describing any physical feature of her doctor that doesn’t match Margot, but the professional con woman is getting so much out of the interaction that it’s well worth it, asking every single question she wants to about how much Alice knows and how much Ben shared with her. Margot is far more conniving and manipulative than Rhys, who is more sinister but much poorer at keeping it all under wraps. It took him no time at all to reveal to Ben that he was well aware of Alice’s existence and to threaten her life should he deviate from his every instruction. That was a huge mistake, since it compelled Ben to do something totally surprising and choose a side, going straight to Agent Dao to align himself with him and Alice and take down the real bad guys. I’m curious to see where Margot will fall in all of it, and I hope that Alice is smart enough not to talk about the latest twist in therapy. Learning about Sophie’s singer past was fun, and I enjoyed guest stars Nia Vardalos from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” as the package and Kevin Alejandro from “True Blood” as the seedy producer.

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