Saturday, May 7, 2016

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 19 “Chapter Forty-One” (B+)

I’ll start by complimenting this show for using a fun device throughout the episode that I think worked very well and was merely the latest in a lengthy series of creative ways of telling its story. Xiomara’s interest in guest-starring as a 1920s silent movie actress was a great impetus for the show to represent some of its most important moments as silent movie scenes, and it was cool to see all of the characters dressed up in period garb as their drama played out very dramatically with intertitles and all. There’s much to be concerned about at the moment, namely involving the owner of the Marbella. The front-page article about Michael and his alleged corruption hurt him, but it was also detrimental for Rafael, whose half-brother now seems to be gunning for him, perhaps using the ammunition of that insider trading that he accidentally participated in and then invested. Jane did the impossible and trained Anezka to be a half-decent waitress, but now the well-meaning Czech twin has out it for Jane because she thinks that Rafael is in love with her and that she’s competition for Petra. The focus on the trust funds was interesting, and it was also worthwhile to see Jane and Rafael engaging in custody mediation even though they’re both so set on never having to get to that point. They do have different outlooks on what’s best for Mateo, and at least they’re fighting about wanting to spend more time with their child rather than away from him.

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