Monday, May 16, 2016

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 7, Episode 20 “Promposal” (B)

I’ll admit that this episode actually ended up working in a lot of ways even though I didn’t expect it to when it first started. Cameron and Mitchell helping Manny and Luke to plan “promposals” seemed relatively silly, but it turned out to be the sweetest moment of the episode when it all ended with Mitchell having the kids lie on the floor to spell out the word “prom” with a question mark, asking his own husband to go to prom with him. Luke’s glow-in-the-dark shirt was a nice touch too. Alex, meanwhile, was fielding way too many promposals of her own, and it appears that she ultimately said yes with a no-talking clause. I was not a fan of the Overeaters Anonymous jokes that got made as part of Claire’s mole hunt, and the fact that her frantic search resulted in an honest dinner with Jay was nice. Jay training Joe to be a man at age three and fix a car was pretty funny, and Joe’s objections to the severe conditions of his boxing training were entertaining. I liked the casting of June Squibb from “Nebraska” as Auntie Alice, who purported to be a blameless part of a corporate machine only to be revealed as a conniving thief, and it was very gratifying to see Phil spring into action as a realtor and get her to back down right away with threats about the city coming in to bulldoze her illegal home. How did the man’s rendition of “Snappy” only get twenty-seven hits on YouTube?

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