Thursday, May 19, 2016

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 5, Episode 5 “Above Board Metrics” (B+)

I’ve only been on one cruise, but I can tell you that my stateroom wasn’t even a fraction of the size of the living room that our high-paid consultants scored for free. I like that this show has created a cast of recurring characters who can pop back up and be instantly recognizable, and even though I couldn’t recall the specific circumstances of the last interaction between Marty and the insufferable Dushkin twins, I remembered right away that they were impossibly irritating. It was fun to watch the pod pitch a crazy idea to the Dushkins and then subvert it so that they could trick them into backing down on their demands, a plan that worked to perfection. It was other things that were threatening them, namely the consistently destructive effects of alcohol when consumed by any of the members of the pod. Marty and Jeannie drunk-dialing their baby was a pretty legendary moment, but it wasn’t nearly as likely to produce regret as Marty’s decision to give both Clyde and Doug partnerships only an hour or two after Marty told Clyde he was going to call the wambulance. I’m glad that Clyde isn’t going anywhere, though I did think that he was going to sleep with the captain. His false hints did send Doug right to her room though, and he managed to make a great mess of it and get himself locked in his room. Something tells me that it’s a good thing nothing happened since his feelings on the non-exclusive nature of his relationship may not be entirely accurate.

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