Monday, May 9, 2016

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 13 “Leviathan” (B+)

This episode was a proper recovery after last week’s silly stumble, and now things are getting exciting, with Vandal Savage actually aboard the Wave Rider and the tables turned considerably. Things weren’t looking so good for our friends at the start of the hour, and they started getting even worse as things progressed, with the odds more stacked against them by the minute. Kendra’s recent past-life recollections have been very convenient, and she was finally ready to kill Savage and managed to catch him enough by surprise with her fury and determination. Sending in a reincarnated Carter to try to kill her was a devious move, and now he’s going to lord enough the key to his mind (not sure what that even means) to keep himself alive and the team disjointed. Though he may have lost his fiancée to a man she nearly killed, Ray scored a commendable success by reversing his atom suit to go big so that he could punch Vandal’s giant destructive robot in the face. Jax served as a great cheerleader, egged on by the fact that the Professor’s life was in jeopardy. Ultimately, the most valuable player of the hour was Snart, who managed to convince Vandal’s daughter Cassandra to switch sides without employing any kind of torture or lying to her at all. Who would have thought that one of the members of the team recruited for his villainous side would actually end up being one of its most compassionate and crucial members?

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