Monday, May 23, 2016

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 5, Episode 3 “Truth Be Told” (B+)

I suppose it’s not crazy to expect that there’s still plenty to learn about Reese’s past. What’s more impressive is that, so many years into this show, actors like Annie Parisse are still up for an occasional guest spot as a long-dead recurring character. In the previous episode, we were reminded of the many people that Reese has killed and the notion that he didn’t always save people. Shooting a suspect point-blank before he knew for a fact that he was guilty was a cutthroat and brutal decision, and neither he nor Kara seemed remotely disturbed about it. The fact that he told Brent’s brother that he was innocent and that he was killed in action is a sign of a more compassionate and caring person. What I liked most was that Keith David’s Terence Beale didn’t let the CIA know that Reese is still alive since he likes the idea of him being out there. I didn’t realize that Iris was still in the picture, though unfortunately the end of the episode indicates that she’s moving on since Reese can’t fully let her in. Root installing the malware in a not-networked computer was a bold move, but she and Finch do make a great team who should be able to figure out how Samaritan works and help use the machine to take it down and save the world. As Root keeps mentioning, hopefully they’ll find Shaw in the process and bring the much-missed Sarah Shahi back to the show.

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