Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Grinder

The Grinder: Season 1, Episode 20 “For the People” (B)

This was a fully silly but very entertaining episode, one which pitted all its characters together and put them in the same place with almost no mention of the law at all. Starting with both Stewart and Debbie very obviously forgetting their anniversary when Dean congratulated them, it was a series of lies from every single character. Anne Archer’s Lenore seemed like a handful as soon as she showed up unannounced, and it was refreshing to see one parent heap unending adoration on Stewart rather than Dean for once. That prompted Dean to go further than even he usually does and make up a complete fantasy in which he and Claire of all people were engaged. Todd was a perfect hapless patsy to unknowingly pose as Claire’s stalker who served as an explanation for her unwillingness to talk about her engagement with Lenore, but it got away from all that pretty quickly with the many layers of deception. Lizzie and Ethan got to have some fun setting their grandfather up on a date with a much younger woman because they used a forty-year-old photo of him in uniform. She didn’t have much depth anyway, and, though they’re not getting back together, Lenore and Dean Sr. seem to have had a very memorable night. How Dean managed to secure two reservations at a restaurant with an extensive wait and his father got one too is beyond me, but it made for some good fun. Nothing that happened in this episode means too much for the future, but it was enjoyable while it lasted.

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