Thursday, May 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 7, Episode 20 “Party” (B+)

This was admittedly a very creative way to say goodbye to so many of this show’s characters with just two more episodes left after this. I love that it was a ketubah signing, explained properly by Howard, with funeral flowers sent by mistake and Jackie’s only Jewish friends – Eli and Marissa. There were so many people in attendance and so much going on at the party, and though Jackie is the only one who told Alicia that it’s the last time they’ll see each other, I suspect that’s true for most of the guests at the party. Zack’s older girlfriend made an impression right away with her compliment of Alicia’s new feminism, and I like that she gave Alicia something to think about with her creative outlook on marriage. Zack’s comment about how he was getting married, she was getting divorced, and he was the one who was making a mistake was appropriate revenge for her laughing at him when he said he was going to move to France and write a memoir. Fortunately, their closing hug suggests that they’ll be fine. Veronica believing that Jackie invited her just to show off the fact that she was happy wasn’t actually far-fetched, and she too got her vengeance by spilling the beans about Alicia and Peter’s impending divorce, not thinking that her own granddaughter would be similarly hurt by the news. Eli charging Jason with proving that Peter was guilty led to him doing just that, and it’s hard to know where things will go next with Louis representing Cary and trying to work with Diane to ally with Eli against Peter, and Alicia caught somewhere in the middle. It’s so weird that Jason got Alicia a plot of land on Mars, but it was very sweet that she managed to interpret that he was asking her to be okay leaving at some point when he just couldn’t stay in one place anymore.


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