Thursday, May 12, 2016

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 5, Episode 4 “End State Vision” (B+)

Marty and his pod have worked for some questionable clients in the past, and of course they’d now be pitching themselves to a man who very likely murdered his wife and isn’t even really trying to deny it. The humor of him bringing Jeannie to the roof for a date was great, and it’s not surprising that she was upset that they didn’t end up getting the business. I liked the casting of Ed Weeks from “The Mindy Project” as the maybe murderous Daniel Hathaway. I wasn’t sure what Wanda Sykes would be up when she first showed up a few weeks ago as Jeremiah’s new girlfriend pranking Marty into thinking she was a crazy person, and it seems that she’s there to get Jeremiah to realize that he has his own life to live. He’s always been the parent while Marty has played the role of the freewheeling, occasionally present grandparent, and now, just as Roscoe is filming a vlog and thinking about modeling, he has to start really being present. I like the idea of Clyde getting a side opportunity in spite of the woman he used to like expressing no romantic interest, and the incorporation of politics into the show would be very welcome. Clyde’s relationship with Tess has progressed very quickly and he’s already using her for favors like getting to give a Ted Talk, which is sure to be interesting but cost him more in the long run that the thrill – and the chance to lord it over Clyde - will be worth. Oh, and it's great to see Monica again.

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