Friday, May 6, 2016

What I’m Watching: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 19 “Fast” (D-)

There are so many problems with this episode that I’m not even sure I could list them all. The biggest issue is the inconsistency of Caleb’s character. Either he’s an addict who’s not in control of his behavior or he’s capable of serving as a double agent, but both are definitely not possible. Also, why did he need to be working for Shelby since she could just as easily have called Alex if she was actually on her side to explain the situation with her since obviously her phone calls with Caleb weren’t being recorded by the terrorist. It seems highly incongruous that Alex would need a pad of paper to interpret Shelby’s Morse code since Shelby was able to multitask and keep up a full conversation while tapping out a secret message. I’m very tired of Alex pacing around clearly not in the right place and no one noticing that she’s lurking and up to something. The notion of her getting to confront her accuser makes no sense, since this is no longer training and it’s the real world. Training wasn’t too great either, as Drew lied continuously about his worsening condition and Alex blabbed about it to the entire world instead of handling it in a subtler way. Nimah and Raina’s storyline was particularly poor as they dealt with a lazy handler who treated them poorly and disrespectfully and then complained about being penalized for being old-school. This is now the umpteenth time that Alex and someone else have gone in to a location they think the terrorist was hiding with their guns out, and at least this time they only ran into an old friend who apparently just created a nuclear device, a twist that I’m sure won’t be substantially explained.

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