Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What I’m Watching: Orphan Black

Orphan Black: Season 4, Episode 5 “Human Raw Material” (B+)

She may be the most simplistic of the clones, but I suspect that Krystal is the most fun one to play. I like that she just happened to be at the clinic to get pregnant while conducting her own investigation into Diad and the sinister things that are going on with this new birthing clinic while Cosima and Donnie were on their stakeout. Donnie’s attempts to keep her occupied by giving her an impromptu massage were entertaining, and I think that Kristian Bruun deserves enormous credit for the way in the which Donnie interacts with all of the clones differently. I like Donnie and Cosima as a pair since neither of them gets on the other’s case for any of their tics or idiosyncrasies, and Donnie did manage to keep things under control for a bit while Cosima snooped around. It was great to watch Susan and Evie get confused by Krystal and Cosima being there at the same time, and I love that Cosima was able to ask such probing questions and Susan actually entertained her and gave her the answers. Sarah not trusting Adele was understandable, but the way that she berated her in front of Felix was foolish, and when the results came in that she was indeed his sister, things looked pretty bad for her. The clones all seem to be on edge, and Sarah and Alison in particular are not doing a good job of getting along. That kind of disunity is not what they need right now with multiple threats facing them.

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