Monday, May 23, 2016

What I’m Wathcing: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Relationship More Populated” (B+)

This show has developed a certain general format for each episode, which finds Jack and Emma living their lives and fretting about others finding out about their more populated relationship and then shifts gears completely when Izzy shows up at their door to rock their world with a new theory on how to make it work. The main complication of this episode didn’t even come up at all after the opening scene, in which Emma got very defensive and told Ava that no one liked her because of her name. Emma’s temper is very entertaining, and the way that she reacted to meeting Nina, who came up to see them at the bar and asked for their intentions for her girl Izzy, was amusingly prickly. Nina calling them Uncle Jack and Aunt Emma was an added bonus and a victory point for her against the couple she felt was abusing her friend. Speaking of that friend, Izzy showing up to pitch a tent in their living room so that they could have a completely platonic, very drug-assisted night together in their own home was extremely sweet and thoughtful, and it was going so great until Izzy once again dropped a huge bombshell and then got offended when Jack and Emma needed to stop and return to the real world before simply accepting it. I was proud that Jack spoke up honestly and said he was confused since nothing about the tent being pitched in the living room should have suggested that they were ready to have her move in, let alone without being invited. It’s sad to think that they may have broken up, and while we still have two episodes left in this season (and hopefully many more after that!), I’m sure that this relationship isn’t completely done just yet.

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