Sunday, May 15, 2016

What I’m Watching: Grandfathered

Grandfathered: Season 1, Episode 21 “The Memorial” (B)

This review begins on a sad note because FOX announced earlier this week that this show was being cancelled along with every other freshman comedy on the network. There was never much hope for this one since it didn’t get the critical acclaim of its timeslot companion “The Grinder,” and the ratings were never all that great. But it does have a certain charm, and I think it’s the kind of modern-day sitcom that could have done well for a while. It’s also sad to see John Stamos take on this great role and end up with yet another one-season show. I’ll miss Paget Brewster most of all, and that sentiment is all the more felt since Sara followed Jimmy into his office and planted a big kiss on him at the end of the episode, suggesting that their relationship is finally going to get started again. It’s a shame that it’s happening as he’s so happy with Catherine, but I’d expect that at this point we won’t see much of the fallout since there’s just one episode left to wrap up this show. The notion that they couldn’t even find one true friend of Jimmy’s father who wanted to attend his memorial service is sad but an appropriate testament to why Jimmy has decided to change his life for the better and avoid a similar fate. I’m excited and nervous for Gerald to propose to Vanessa, and let’s hope that Ravi blowing the surprise is the worst case scenario rather than her deciding that it’s too soon or not what she wants.

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