Thursday, May 26, 2016

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 5, Episode 6 “Johari Window” (B+)

Since I watched last week’s episode, the news broke that this show has been cancelled. Now, let’s be honest, this show has aired four full seasons and is going to wrap this fifth one with twelve or so episodes each year. Plenty of ground has been covered, and this doesn’t feel like a cancelled show. Still, it’s about to end, and therefore watching this and the remaining four episodes gives this show a sentimental sense of nostalgia. This particular episode was interesting because it presented a new obnoxious client for Marty whose weak spot wasn’t initially clear. I like Keegan Michael-Key but I don’t actually think he’s that terrific in this kind of role, reminiscent of the lackluster part he played in “Pitch Perfect 2” as a music executive. His storyline was a bit more interesting, and it gave Wanda Sykes something to do since I wasn’t really sure why she was guest-starring on the show. Ron Zobel has quite the personality, and his security upgrades to the firm seem to be truly irritating. I like that Clyde’s new mayoral candidate friend has taken an interest in Jeannie, which has shifted Clyde into the position Doug is usually in and put Jeannie in Clyde’s place, tormenting him with ideas about what she’s going to do with him even though she’s not actually interested. Clyde does seem very upset by it all, a sign that he’s either concerned about being part of the campaign or more personally invested in a relationship with the candidate.

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