Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Catch

The Catch: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Ringer” (B+)

I’m glad that Ben fought so hard to get Rhys to bring Margot into the job he wanted to pull, though it seems that it was always Rhys’ plan all along. It’s a thrill to see them pull off these jobs, baiting the gambling addict wine baron with a shiny briefcase and then staging an elaborate poker room to take three million dollars from him. Rhys getting drunk and nearly sabotaging the entire operation, forcing them to rely on having literal tricks up their sleeves, was very troubling, but not nearly as much as the reveal that Rhys was in control all along and was playing his sister so that he could score an even more lucrative deal. Alice’s point about picking sides fails to comprehend the complexity of everything, especially since Margot and Rhys aren’t technically allied. The fact that Val’s therapist is Margot is crazy, and she’s well aware that Ben is in frequent contact with his former mark, which can’t be good. On the guest star front, I recognized Vik Sahay from “Chuck” as money-obsessed father Vincent and Annie Wersching from “24” as his wife Karen, who turned out not to be insane but instead to be a human being far more capable of emotion and love than her ex-husband, who could only think of how much keeping his son would cost him. In the wake of so many other cancellations, this show managed to snag a surprising renewal from ABC, a development I’m very happy about considering how much I’m enjoying the show.

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