Thursday, April 20, 2017

Round Two: Brockmire

Brockmire: Season 1, Episode 3 “Kangaroo Court” (B)

This was a fine follow-up to the first two episodes that we saw last week, though it wasn’t quite as enticing. In a sense, not much happened in this episode, but I think that may be what we’re in store for going forward. I’m not familiar with the sports tradition of kangaroo court (it may not be just a sports thing), but it turned pretty explosive right away. Of course Brockmire speaks both Spanish and Japanese and was therefore the only one who was qualified to come in to mediate the situation. After assuming that Charles was gay because of pictures that he found on his computer, he and Jules deemed him to be the perfect judge because he, like me, doesn’t care about baseball at all. The revelation that it was the translator-slash-journalist who had created the whole problem in the first place was intriguing, and it seems like everything worked out well in the end, as long as that guy who said “You’re killing me” turned out to be okay. How Brockmire got to giving a history lesson on chewing tobacco and Hitler’s rise to power is beyond me, but that’s all part of his charm, as is saying “I told you so” as often as possible to a very irritated Jules. It didn’t take long for Jules to catch on to what Gary was very unapologetically up to, and good for her for calling him on it and standing up to him. Lucy showing up just as Brockmire was telling Jules that she was beautiful is quite the twist, and I’m especially excited for what comes next since Katie Finneran is the one playing her.

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