Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 3, Episode 2 “Zombie Knows Best” (B+)

We’ve been experiencing Liv on a weekly cocktail of mood-affecting brains for two seasons now, and it’s fun to see both Liv and Major experiencing different personalities thanks to their diets and to see Ravi and Clive attempting to deal with it. Major acting like a teenage girl was certainly a blast for actor Robert Buckley, and I like that his holding the phone up to his new colleagues to prove a point with a selfie prompted him to flash. Ravi putting Liv to work fixing stuff to keep her busy was entertaining too, and I enjoyed Liv yelling at Major like she was his father. The idea of these brain tubes with mashed-up brains from a bunch of different dead people is extremely intriguing, though I like that Liv and Major are able to be helpful by recalling memories to solve murders. This case was a bit more lighthearted because of all the teenage texting elements even though it involved an age-inappropriate affair, and the revelation that the mom was almost as guilty as the stepdad was well-executed. The flashbacks to the development of Clive’s relationship with Wally were informative, and I think it’s fantastic that the nine-year-old kid managed to convince Clive, with little to no effort, to watch “Game of Thrones,” prompting the undercover detective to become obsessed. There is a war coming, and though Vivian wasn’t on track with when the civilian population would find out about the existence of zombies, she seems like she’s very prepared for the battle.