Monday, April 10, 2017

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 2, Episode 7 “Victory Lap” (B+)

In the wake of the news that the town that he invested so much in to ensure that he could have a major stake in the forthcoming casino business didn’t get the contract, it’s understandable that Axe would be trying to scorch earth to figure out a way to come out ahead. The conversations about what to do with the town and whether to completely abandon it were interesting since you wouldn’t think that Axe would be all too concerned with ethics in his pursuit of more money, and naturally Taylor was the one to offer emotionless advice that just made strict logical sense with all the implications taken into account. It was strange to see a very major non-business development in Axe’s life with him and Lara catching the chef having sex by the pool, and I hardly think that cooking lunch for eight will be sufficient sucking up. Wendy is clearly doing well for herself, trying hard to hold up the boundaries she set with Axe and entering an exciting new chapter of her life by exploring a relationship with James Wolk’s Craig Heidecker. Chuck’s big speech about mutton and kangaroo was a show to bait Brian into confessing his lack of allegiance, and Brian managed to pass with flying colors by proclaiming his loyalty and, above all, ordering the mutton. Chuck’s father really wants to see him in office, and showing him that poll coupled with Chuck’s magazine photo op with his son indicate that he’s ready to make it happen.