Friday, April 14, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Catch

The Catch: Season 2, Episode 5 “The Bad Girl” (B-)

This episode wasn’t quite as outlandish, and while this show is never going to return to a semi-legitimate state in which all of its plotlines aren’t way over-the-top, it’s calming down a little bit. One area in which that’s definitely not true, however, is in its use of sex and its showcasing of not-quite-seen nudity when it comes to some of its criminals. Danny and Margot are taking a break since Margot has more than enough things to worry about at the moment with both her mother and the daughter she never knew she had, but Chloe Jackson is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t care whether it’s a man or woman that she’s toying with or enjoying, and Rhys was all about it. Missi Pyle is an actress who has played many roles all across the spectrum of genres, and I’d be hard-pressed to select a signature part that immediately comes to mind when I think of her. She was great as Chloe, having a blast and providing plenty of entertainment, and Gina Torres played right into it as Agent Diaz, who continues to be an enigma whose brand of law enforcement could only exist on this show. Margot got some quick confirmation both in the form of her mother’s testimony and a strand of hair yanked from her daughter’s head that Tessa is indeed her spawn, and apparently Ben’s the father! I think he was more interested in starting a family with Alice when she called him up, but it looks like, all of a sudden, both Tessa and Margot may not be villains after all and could well team up with Val and everyone else on a regular basis. Val looking into Nick’s history probably isn’t a great idea, and I’m sure that, despite her initial promise to Alice to drop it, there’s no way she will.