Sunday, April 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 2, Episode 6 “Indian Four” (B)

Well, this was certainly an eventful episode. I’ve never been on board with the whole internal investigation being undertaken by the rigid and old-school Oliver, and I found the resolution in this hour to be relatively unsatisfying, especially since he got actual confirmation from Lonnie in the deposition that Chuck had violated the rules and then was promptly told to back off for good, contenting himself with a speech about how people like Chuck should never be allowed to work in a legal capacity after bending the law to his will. Chuck played the system exactly the way he wanted to, seeming like he wouldn’t negotiate with Boyd and then delivering with a fantastic public victory. I think that all of Chuck’s associates haven’t been spotlighted quite enough this season, and the rare glimpses we do see of them particularly Brian, haven’t been quite as resounding as a result. What was more interesting to me in this episode is that, previously, Axe broke the law but was always honest with his wife, while Chuck insisted on enforcing the law, however he saw fit, while keeping plenty from the wife who worked directly for his nemesis. Axe offering not to see Wendy personally after she was the one who suggested it was a very underhanded thing to do that shows that he has lost respect for Lara, and the news that the casino isn’t coming where he wanted and just exhausted $5 million on procuring is a damaging blow that should make him consider whether or not he should change his attitude towards the one ally he could always have. Who would have thought that Chuck’s father would have been the one to deal Axe this latest bad hand?

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