Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What I’m Watcing: iZombie (Season Premiere)

iZombie: Season 3, Episode 1 “Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother” (B+)

I didn’t realize that this show was coming back on some random date at the beginning of April, but after waiting almost all season for it, I couldn’t be more excited. I’m thrilled that it’s letting its plot drive it forward completely after a totally transformative finale, and I can only hope that positive buzz for the show can help it earn the renewal that it didn’t get when all of CW’s programs that were airing a few months ago did then. Setting this up as a new fivesome fighting to survive in what will surely be a brave new world is interesting, and now that Clive is well aware of everything, he’s a very useful asset. Major and Liv both desperately consuming more soldier brain so that they wouldn’t have to deal with what had happened demonstrated the seriousness of the situation, and the notion that Vivian has created a place where zombie children, who she saved from certain death by turning, are educated in classrooms and prepped for transport to an island paradise where they can live – if that’s the right word – without any fear of persecution from the outside world is pretty damn revolutionary and cool. Unfortunately, it seems that the human population isn’t ready for that, as Aaron Douglas’ conspiracy theorist Chuck Burd was happy to advocate. As Ravi is trying to come up with a cure formula to reverse the memory loss and Blaine is figuring out who he is, I think we’re headed for somewhere really interesting. The reintroduction of Blaine’s unfrozen father throws a wrench in all that, as does the unexpected arrival of Ravi’s old boss who he clearly dislikes due to her firing him. I’m pumped that Andrea Savage is on board for all this as Vivian, and that refrain – “You can’t kill me, I can’t die, unless you shoot me in the eye” – is going to be haunting me while it’s stuck in my head for the next few days.

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