Monday, April 3, 2017

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 21 “San Diego” (B)

I’m really not sure why Jess needed to spend so much time at her father’s house, especially since neither of them particularly wanted to be around the other. While her dad was trying to get her to be social and out of the house, she managed to help get him a date and some comfort, which in turn helped to lead to her leaving. Nick calling and having a certain strange bond with her father helped too, of course. Of all the absurd things that Nick has done over the course of this show, I think that choosing to break up with Reagan by hopping off the train after he accidentally invited her to San Diego so that she would be so bad that she would come back to break up with him ranks high on the list. I love that Nick chose to wake Aly up while she was trying to get some rest for her night shifts to make her complicit in his plan, something that she tried so desperately not to get involved in. Schmidt being upset about the charitable trust name he wanted to create made sense, though the idea that his real name is actually Winston was initially funny and got a bit old and confusing fast. I most appreciated the pained feedback that both Aly and Cece offered when they realized that this was going to be a problem, although Nick was the one who came in and with just a few short obnoxious examples showed them that there was nothing tenable about them having the same name.