Sunday, April 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 6, Episode 7 “The Bounce” (B+)

There’s no arguing that this was an involving and entertaining episode, but I do question whether Elijah, who’s always been a fringe character more than anything, is getting such a spotlight so close to the end of the series. Andrew Rannells is pretty terrific in the role, and it was fun to see him get so into his audition, belting out an intense rendition of “Let Me Be Your Star,” the only half-decent part of the terrible TV series “Smash” from a few years ago and then doing a truly terrible job with all the basketball stuff, with plenty of encouragement from his new friend, ultimately receiving a callback even though he couldn’t do any of the sports material. I didn’t expect to see Corey Stoll’s Dill again, but it was very funny to learn that he was being hounded by the media for trying to buy a white baby. Telling Hannah that he has fourteen Emmys and that he knew when someone was keeping a secret, but he wasn’t going to try to buy her baby was great, and I loved watching the two of them interact, initially uncomfortable and hostile and then fairly sympathetic and compatible. Hannah’s call with Paul-Louis was lackluster, with him responding in a kindhearted but totally apathetic and unhelpful way, officially canceling any involvement on his part. Marnie got a great reality check from the pawn shop owner who rolled his eyes and called her out on being the liar and not taking charge on her life.

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