Saturday, April 1, 2017

What I’m Watching: Making History

Making History: Season 1, Episode 4 “Chadwick’s Angels” (B+)

Just a few episodes in, we’re already starting to see the consequences of time travel and how these guys probably shouldn’t be quite so casual about everything. It was interesting to see a young Dan watching as the adults just looked on while he was being beaten up for no reason as the older Dan realized that he was the one who caused it, a more serious issue than this show has yet to tackle. This fits with a “Harry Potter” problem I have, which is that someone can’t affect their own past until they’ve experienced it the first time without that interference, and therefore things don’t quite add up. What’s more intriguing about the way this show presents its characters and the way that they are changing and damaging time is that Chris saved a woman from being hit by a car, Deb inspired the ice cream parlor’s owner to keep the shop open for another few decades, and then immediately upon returning to the present the woman Chris saved hit the woman who kept the shop open – with her car! It’s a worrisome effect, and I like that this unique comedy is presenting a unique way of its characters dealing with the consequences and butterfly effects of their actions. I very much enjoyed Deb’s childlike fascination with ice cream, and I think that she’s hands-down the best character on this show. I’ll also just comment that I’ll gladly take up the challenge of eating a 32-ounce steak (I’ve never gone bigger, but I’d be up for it), but there is absolutely nothing about eating that “belly-buster” of ice cream that appeals to me.