Sunday, April 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 2, Episode 17 “Distant Sun” (B)

After a diversion last week with Kara nearly getting romantic with Barry Allen, something I would have enjoyed seeing, she and Mon-El are back to being on perfect terms, but he had just a bit of a familial hiccup to overcome. I like that he got so into cooking and was making her breakfast in bed, and he made his feelings for her clear by offering to give up everything and go back to his home world of Daxam in order to save her. I was surprised that Teri Hatcher’s role wasn’t a bigger one, especially in an episode that saw Lynda Carter’s president reappear and then shift back to her alien form just to remind us that she too is keeping a big secret. It turns out that Kevin Sorbo’s Lar wasn’t nearly as bad as his wife Rhea, who put out a bounty on Supergirl and then killed her own husband because he was ready to walk away from Earth and leave their son behind. Hank’s shapeshifting abilities came in handy so that he could surprise Rhea by posing as Kara, and they’re going to need to rally to be able to defeat the Daxamite attack that’s coming for them, which will hopefully reveal more about the president and her allegiances. It’s good to see Maggie and Alex having some real couple development and moving forward positively after a run-in with Maggie’s ex-girlfriend that revealed some potentially damaging news about Maggie’s past. The team can use all the allies they can get.

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