Thursday, April 20, 2017

What I’m Watching: Trial and Error

Trial and Error: Season 1, Episode 11 “Chapter 11: Unusual Suspect” (B+)

Even though I’m over a week behind, I still wanted to make sure to review this episode on its own since it aired separately as a bonus installment. While I don’t think there’s any reason that NBC is showing this show two episodes at a time and no reason that this one aired independently without a second half-hour after it other than there being thirteen episodes ordered, I’d still like to think that this is a special extra treat for an underrated show that’s all but guaranteed to be cancelled and relegated to television oblivion. The case took a very boring turn with individual testimony about each of the shards, but fortunately that didn’t last long since Josh tried to get started on preparing his defense. Summer going on the stand was a good idea at the start, but the fact that she hated her stepmother turned out to be me more than a bit problematic. Putting Anne on the stand and having her belt her heart out for the jury was smart, and it only took one question and one innocent yet wrong response from Anne for Carol Anne to discredit her. Josh coming up with the plan to treat Summer as a suspect was brilliant, and it’s just too bad that Larry, stupid as he is, is hopelessly loyal to his daughter, and therefore decided to confess so that he could spare her being targeted. Something tells me that the throwaway revelation that Larry has a twin brother – naturally named Harry – won’t be so soon forgotten. Dwayne getting high to recreate Summer’s state of mind was predictably absurd, and Anne falling asleep while driving was pretty horrific. My favorite line of the episode came from Dwayne: “I know what you’re thinking, ghost phone!”

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