Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2, Episode 16 “Doomworld” (B+)

Now here’s a concept I can get behind. It makes so much sense to me that these three supervillains would want to create a reality where the legends that they hate so much are living their own worst hells. Having one episode for the legends to regain their memories of the way things actually were worked extremely well, especially since Eobard was intent on destroying the spear once and for all so that reality would be set as he had created it, never to be changed by the legends. Discord being sewn between the villains helped too, particularly with the emergence of Mick’s conscience, which earned him not one but four slaps to the face once each of the legends remembered just what he had done to them. Aside from Rip spending his entire hell perfecting his cake-baking skills, the best parts of this episode were the funny ones, like Nate’s mom making great sandwiches, Darhk delivering a bad guy monologue, and Darhk and Nate nearly high-fiving before realizing that they’re not on the same side. Halfway through this episode, it seemed like the legends were going to win, and then things took a very dark turn with Snart of all people killing Amaya. Just like Snart got brought back from the dead, I hope Amaya can be also. The notion that Eobard has made himself the king of this universe and doesn’t want the legends dead but has earned the ire of his former allies is interesting, and I love that Gideon has come in handy again and is ready to help the legends retake reality in what’s sure to be an awesome early season finale next week.

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