Thursday, April 6, 2017

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 2, Episode 17 “Sleepover Dream Light Haze” (B)

It’s very possible that Sophia might be the smartest member of the Short family, arguing, correctly, that she gets money when her teeth fall out, so why should she brush them? Heather’s advice to Tim that if he makes a mess, he needs to clean it up, just like with sex, proved to be helpful, and he even got to see an adult woman’s breasts so many years after missing out on that very opportunity at a sleepover of his own. I can’t understand why Jen would tell Greg that she had a sex dream about someone in his family, since everything that happened after that was her fault because she shared it. It being about Matt would have made sense, and the fact that it was actually about Joan, though she told the family it was Cheeto, was just bizarre. My favorite part of the episode was Tyler’s reaction to his uncle calling him Taylor, questioning whether he really didn’t know his name. Another name mistake later in the episode, when J.B. Smoove’s Darryl couldn’t tell the difference between the names “John” and “Joan,” was also amusing, and the best part of a lackluster if not totally terrible storyline about sneaking out to eat fast food together after John indulged his wife’s paranoia. I’ve taken sleeping pills for a while, and though I am sometimes prone to some strange conversation I don’t fully remember, I’ve never done anything like what Colleen did. I’m never fond of plotlines involving Dougie, but this wasn’t all that bad since it was more about Matt and Colleen doubting each other.

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