Sunday, April 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 6, Episode 11 “R for Romeo” (C-)

We’re six seasons in and I feel like this show is repeating itself for the sixth hundredth time. We finally got somewhere where we have incontrovertible evidence that an assumed terrorist was set up and that his attack was actually engineered by someone who went to a whole lot of trouble to frame him. Yes, Quinn did beat the guy to death with punch after punch to the face, which doesn’t help much, but important people from the government were in the home seeing what was happening and documenting it. Now, why Carrie got an inkling that they shouldn’t cut the lock to go into the garage and no one else thought that maybe there was a bomb inside is beyond me, and it’s hard to believe that this kind of thing could happen again. The president’s motorcade nearly running a guy over after he lunged into the street when the caravan was coming through hardly seems like such a momentous event, and Rob’s inability to be clear about that was puzzling and annoying. Quinn making sounds like a monkey was an especially low point of the episode that I’d rather not address further. Keane going on Brett’s show to directly counter his claims felt like something out of an entirely different series, but that’s part of this show’s disjointed nature. Dar giving Max a painful backrub to intimidate him into talking didn’t work too well, and you have to wonder how evil Dar really is or if he’s actually having Max look into something legitimate. We’ll see if next week’s surely awful finale has anything in the way of intelligence to offer.

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