Saturday, April 1, 2017

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 6, Episode 10 “The Flag House” (C)

There are two things that I find hard to believe more than anything right now. The first is that, after everything that she’s been through and every order that she’s defied, it doesn’t seem remotely possible that she would be compelled not to testify against Dar when Franny’s safety was in jeopardy. It certainly raised alarm with Keane, who knew exactly what was going on and essentially spelled it all out while Carrie said that she couldn’t acknowledge any of it. I wrote before that, with our current president who watches the news incessantly, it’s unfathomable that she would pay so much attention to just one news story when there are inevitably so many out there. But then you get back to the overarching plot, which involves Dar pulling all the strings and going in – in person – to see his conspiracy theorist mouthpiece Brett O’Keefe and getting videotaped by Max, who was caught almost immediately yet still managed to e-mail out the damning footage proving that Dar is behind it all. Far too much of the episode was spent on Carrie being paranoid about Franny being watched and Saul sending Mira on elaborate routes so that he could meet with her and say goodbye. I don’t know where all this leads, especially since we know that both Carrie and Quinn are on to something, but neither are them are likely to be taken seriously enough to really make any difference, which is a shame since Carrie does have a direct pipeline to the president-elect that she’s not properly using.

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