Saturday, April 29, 2017

What I’m Watching: Prison Break

Prison Break: Season 5, Episode 3 “The Liar” (C)

I’ve just started on catching up on my television after being more than a week behind because of the Tribeca Film Festival, and I’m thinking that I probably don’t need to tune into episode four. I probably will just because I have trouble separating from shows that I’ve watched since the very beginning, even if they’ve gotten terrible. My main issue with this episode was that it was mostly very boring, focused on happenings inside Ogygia, where Michael is engineering his escape. I’m behind Jacob’s theory that Michael uses people and just plugs them in wherever and whenever he needs them, and that hasn’t worked out too well for him in the past in a few instances, since it means he has to depend on someone to come with him even if they end up having too much baggage when he needs them most. In this case, it meant extra people, and obviously, he wasn’t going to make his grand escape at the end of the third episode since there’s an entire season that has been commissioned and the title of the show still references a prison break. Much more is happening back in the United States with Sara trying to run counterespionage and find out who hacked her phone. Setting T-Bag on Kellerman probably isn’t a bad plan, though I don’t see much good coming of it. I just can’t understand how people like Kellerman stay in positions of authority and somehow T-Bag is going to go after him and not get sent right back to jail.

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