Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul (Season Premiere)

Better Call Saul: Season 3, Episode 1 “Mabel” (B+)

This show is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated series on television, and it’s great to have it back at a time that isn’t overstuffed with a bunch of other season premieres. This show is at its most fascinating when its completely ordinary events play out, and therefore its flash-forwards that offer a tiny glimpse of what the future holds, also present in “Breaking Bad,” aren’t the best part. Yet it was still intriguing to see Jimmy sit by on this lunch break before nodding in the direction of the thief who was hiding only to blurt out that he shouldn’t talk until he saw a lawyer as he was being dragged away before passing out while working at Cinnabon. The simplicity of Chuck and Jimmy bonding as they were talking about books while taking down all of his electricity stuff was astounding, and while Jimmy was ready to move on, Chuck made sure to remind him that he wasn’t going to let it go anytime soon. Chuck heading straight to Howard to play him the recording seemed like it was going to lead to a very direct consequence for Jimmy, but instead Howard wasn’t too impressed by their options about what to do, and it seems that Chuck is playing the long game by having Ernie accidentally overhear the recording and somehow planning to compel him to speak by telling him not to say anything. Kim seems set on keeping the clients she takes separate from Jimmy, not ready to forgive him for anything he’s done. I’m not sure what Mike is up to in the middle of the desert rebuilding cars, but clearly something big is about to happen. The best scene of the episode featured the angry captain’s visit and Jimmy’s surprising unwillingness to be the nice guy he always is, daring the captain to make him take the commercial down.