Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What I’m Watching: Legion (Season Finale)

Legion: Season 1, Episode 8 “Chapter 8” (B+)

After the way the last episode ended, I wasn’t sure what to expect in this closing hour, which represents the culmination of a tremendous and fascinating first season. David dealt swiftly with all the men who accompanied Clark, who finally got a name, by piling them on top of each other so they wouldn’t be a threat, but as we know, the most dangerous enemy was the one inside of him. After we saw how Lenny was able to control things inside David’s head, we saw it all externalized in an incredible way after David was experiencing one hell of a battle as Cary’s machine was trying to extract Lenny from his brain. Syd, who I would say was my favorite character if I didn’t think every character on this show was so terrific, demonstrated remarkable bravery and fearlessness by walking in to kiss David, prompting an immediate body switch with Lenny making Syd take off her gloves, go swap with Kerry, and then charge at David for one epic crash. The notion that Lenny is now bonded with Oliver, who for a moment remembered Melanie, is immensely intriguing, and I really look forward to seeing how that plays out in season two, with Lenny still very much a part of this show rather than completely gone. And maybe Clark will prove to be an ally for a newly focused David. I have and will be going to recommend this show to everyone I speak to, and I can’t wait for season two. I hope this show gets some well-deserved awards recognition.

Season grade: A
Season MVP: Everyone!