Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 2, Episode 11 “Golden Frog Time” (B+)

I was intrigued by this show’s frantic and repeated use of “x days ago” title cards throughout the episode, since it’s a device I don’t always love but have also never seen in such rapid fire form. It was meant to indicate just how much effort Axe had gone to ensure that he could completely take Chuck’s big investment and ensure that he would lose as much as possible. That alone was stunning since it completely destroyed Ira, who won’t recover from that loss, and depressed Chuck Sr., who was more than willing to accept the reality of having lost all of his son’s savings even though it was completely and totally his fault. But then this show pulled the biggest rug of all out from under everyone, with an even more rapid display of flashbacks to show us that Chuck set the whole thing up, baiting Axe to come after him and break the law in the process by making a deal with a man who had no personal loyalties to Axe. It’s crazy to think that Chuck may in fact not mind losing all of his money because he sees it as a necessary part of the long game to make his career, and I think that Ira is going to have a hard time recovering. Wendy earning a payout from the short is an intriguing twist, especially since Chuck couldn’t bother to trust her with the information that he knew what was going on even though she violated her company policy by telling him what she did. Lara’s apparent forgiveness of Axe couldn’t come at a worse time, as I assume that he’s going to pay in a big way for what he’s just done.

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