Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 6, Episode 3 “Georgia” (B+)

Sending both Selina and Jonah to Georgia to oversee the first democratic elections that the country was having was a great setup for a funny and typically unhinged episode. Selina got to see her old friend Minna and contend with not one but two offers of bribes in the millions from the candidates for her to tip the election in their favor. Having Kent and Ben there for her to consult was helpful and a nice throwback to old times, and I do wish that both of them had more prominent roles again. Kent’s correct use of “literally” to describe the absence of Georgian law was a great line. Selina’s disgust and rejection of poisoned and disfigured candidate Nikolai Genidze was highly uncomfortable, but having Stephen Fry play him made it considerably more bearable. Jonah being left out by his fellow congressmen isn’t a surprise, and I like that Richard was eager to hang out with him, which of course led to him going to what turned out to be a neo-Nazi rave. I love the fact that both Gary and Mike accidentally voted and that they went to great lengths to keep it a secret, which proved difficult thanks to their green thumbs. Back in the United States, Dan was a funny part of two different plotlines, casually revealing the fact that he and Amy used to date on air while interviewing Buddy and then just as casually accepting Catherine and Marjorie’s request for his sperm. Buddy dropping out of the race to spend more time with his beloved fiancée is definitely not going to go over well, and I wonder where Amy is going to go next.

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