Monday, May 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 4, Episode 3 “Intellectual Property” (B+)

Walking to the doctor because he felt like he might as well be walking somewhere was a sure sign that Richard isn’t in good shape, though I’ll admit that the great volume of TV that I’ve been watching had me confused for a minute since I thought Andy Daly was a compulsive masturbator, but that’s the forensic tech character that he played on “Trial and Error.” Richard’s antics have taken him far, and going to Gavin’s home to pitch some sort of partnership is a brash decision that’s sure to come with strings attached. I like that Monica being the only person food shopping for herself was what inspired her to get overheard by Ed so that an unexpectedly pregnant Laurie would give her another chance with the See-food app. Erlich redirecting his pitch was clever to a point, but it’s going to combust if the other guys in the incubator don’t step up to help him, which they don’t have much reason to do. Big Head going to apply at Stanford to make his dad happy and ending up with an accidental guest lecturer position was pretty entertaining, and I think he’s quickly becoming my favorite character. I just saw the incredible movie “The Big Sick” starring Kumail Nanjiani, which opens is June, and it’s hard to look at Dinesh the same way. I thought that Gilfoyle was going to steal his new girlfriend, but instead they bonded over their shared hatred of him. The only problem is that Gilfoyle is very skilled at getting in Dinesh’s head, and he did just that by warning him that he could never break up with the hacker for fear of his life being ruined.

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